Social & Digital Communication Advisors

Wynnsdale Consulting works with new and existing businesses of all shapes and sizes. We drive growth using the latest web and technology solutions for our clients. As social & digital communication advisors we help our clients to better manage their digital and social media activities. Our clients are our most valuable assets, and whether your are the small business on the corner, or a global major brand, our constant focus is on delivering products and services of an utmost quality.
Social & Digital Communication Advisors - Wynnsdale Consulting
Wynnsdale Consulting´s Advisory group help businesses cut-costs, save time and operate more efficiently, in the constant drive for better results. Wynnsdale Consulting is represented in Oslo, London, Las Vegas and Bangkok. We have more than 100 years combined experience from digital marketing and software/solutions development.

No business is too small or too large for us. Our presenence around the world gives us the advantage of personally getting to know you and your company's uniqe needs.

Our group can show organizations how to align their technology capabilities with their strategic and operational objectives.

In many organisations technology is viewed as both a challenge and an opportunity. This reflects the fact that while effective technology has become an absolute prerequisite for organisational growth and success, many boards and senior executives are still looking to get a firmer grip on technology matters. In short, organisations need to bring technology into the business mainstream.

We can help to enhance customer experience by leveraging the potential of digital technologies such as social media, cloud, analytics and mobility.

While some businesses are happily embracing the latest digital technologies and disrupting traditional business models, many are struggling to anticipate and keep up with trends. For senior executives, being on top of these business-changing and disruptive trends is increasingly essential.

You need to fully understand the risks and complex challenges involved, while constantly asking how digital technology can drive transformative growth and help your business gain a competitive advantage.

Web Optimalization
We can assist you with:
  • website development - design and delivery
  • website optimalization and management
  • web effectiveness
  • SEO optimalization
  • social media intelligence, research, diagnostics and monitoring to mitigate risk and competitive advantage
  • content management
  • customer experience management
  • mobile application solutions – design and delivery
  • new digital operating models and value chains
  • program and project management of digital initiatives
  • digital strategy and digital roadmaps
  • digitalization and digital transformation
  • digital risk management
  • digital governance

Google Website Security News. SSL Certificate is not only more important than ever, it's essential for your website! Google Warnings for form input over insecure HTTP is now a reality.

Google website security and SSL
For years, Google has been actively seeking ways to encourage website owners to implement SSL certificates. Google has now moved from a reward system to a punitive one. Websites using SSL will now...
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SEO - what is that? It is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website, and stands for Search Engine Optimization and might often be more important to your website than any visual design.

Search engines, like Google analyze, index, and prioritize online content based on page titles, meta descriptions, and content within the page itself, among many other factors. SEO is the key tool for the website owners. A well planned SEO strategy will lead to more organic traffic to your website. Optimization of a website is crucial to get traffic and maintain the level over the search engine. SEO should be an integral part of every digital marketing campaign. The only problem is, it is not simple to explain to business owners why they need it. The most important thing with SEO is consistency. You need to optimize pages, post new content, attract links, drive traffic, and improve your site’s structure on a regular basis.
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    Social & Digital Communication Advisors - Wynnsdale Consulting